Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate tips - The best tips from the MMGN community

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So you're walking through your local EB Games, looking for something to play on a long trip you're soon taking. Exploring through the shelves of abandoned PS Vita games and shovelware for the Nintendo 3DS, you come across a new release - Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. You're intrigued; you've never heard of this game before, but it looks like something you would enjoy. You purchase it, take it home, and begin to play.

You play for about an hour, and then realise... this game is hard. It will punish you for your mistakes. But you enjoy it, you keep playing and persevere through the difficulty. So you jump onto your favourite website, to see if there's anything to help - and there is! Here, we have a collection of tips compiled from several sources for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, including the community and yours truly.

Tip 1 - You need potions.

The first tip is probably the most important in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Coming from a variety of sources (but firstly from KojiDD) in our lovely community, it is the most pivotal thing for a beginner to learn: you need potions. If you don’t know what potions do, they restore any health you’ve lost. When you consider that the bigger monsters in Monster Hunter hit you for a nice chunk of your hit points, you need a way to keep healthy.

The main potions you need to consider carrying with you throughout the game are regular Potions, and Mega Potions. Thankfully, they’re not that hard to get. To get a potion, you can either buy one, spending your precious Zeny, or you can craft one, combining an Herb and a Blue Mushroom – they’re easy to find out in the Moga Woods. To create a Mega Potion, you need to combine a Potion with Honey. They heal more hit points than a regular potion, and you can carry up to 10 of each, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Tip 2 - Resources are important

When you’re running through what seems to be the introduction to the game, the Village Chief Jr. makes you go out into the Woods to get the village some resources so they can repair the base camp. Resources are a necessity for hunter life, because it lets you upgrade parts of the village that the villagers request, as well as being used for farming and fishing.

Thankfully, gaining resources isn’t very hard to do. You just leave the village and go kill whatever is around the island. This has the added benefit of also allowing you to collect some items while you’re out and about, too. It is a bit of a pain having to collect 800 resources and only getting 25 for a piece of iron ore, but it’s not that inconvenient. As a side note, if you connect your 3DS to the internet and download some DLC, you are granted 5000 resources, free! That will keep you afloat for a long time.

Watch Nintendo's official launch trailer.

Tip 3 - Farm and Fish

The easiest way to get resources for all the potions you’re going to need is to utilise your village correctly. Instead of spending 3 hours every day gathering mushrooms and herbs so you can go kill the Great Jaggi, you can just farm them. You can grow many things on the Farm, including herbs, mushrooms, honey and bugs. I would recommend farming for lots of Blue Mushrooms and Herbs first, so you can make many potions, soon followed by Honey. That way, your needs are all taken care of in the lower levels.

Fishing is also pretty convenient; you send out your boat to get Fish, but you can also send them out to get treasure that you can sell for Zeny or you can convert into resources. A handy part of the boats is that if you send them off to gather treasure, they tend to break even in terms of resources lost/gained.

Tip 4 - Learn to fight

It’s called Monster Hunter for a very good reason: you’re there, as a hunter, to hunt. That involves a lot of fighting, on your part. So you need to learn how to actually fight. First, pick a weapon you want to use – I tend to use the Longsword, because it looks awesome. Learning your basic combos is an important part, but the more you use a weapon the better you’ll get at it anyway.

Weapons deal damage based on their Sharpness. A sharper weapon does more damage and has the power to pierce through tougher enemy’s hides – you can see your weapon’s sharpness level as a sword icon below your Health and Stamina. The more you attack, the more sharpness you lose, with the worst level being a Red sword. All you need to do is use a whetstone and you’re back at max sharpness.

Some general tips for fighting larger monsters: pay attention. All monsters have a “tell”, indicating what they’re about to do. The more you play, the more you will learn what these indicators are, but when you’re starting out it’s not too tough to know that if a Great Jaggi is looking at you like he’s going to charge, get out of the way. You can hit monsters in certain areas to deal more damage (which is generally the Head). Lastly, don’t attack too much. If you’re getting hit a lot, you’re attacking way too much. When you’re just beginning, try not to attack the bigger monsters more than once or twice and getting away, your gear is weak so they’ll hit you hard. Plus, it’s good practice anyway.

Tip 5 - Monsters are unique

Our last tip is a compilation of Zekuromu’s finest advice towards monsters. They’re little things, individually, that you would eventually learn yourself, but it’s always nice to have them there before you even encounter them so you know what’s going on.

Firstly, you can break certain parts of a monster to disable – for example, breaking Barioth’s wings can occasionally make it fall over, and cutting a monster’s tail off will reduce its range. Sonic bombs can be used to affect digging monsters such as the Gobul fish, Diablos, Uragaan – but not the Barroth. If the monsters are not raging, they will pop up and flail a little bit. All parts of a monster have a “stagger limit”; once this limit is reached, the monster will stagger, often giving a special effect – for instance, staggering a leg will cause the monster to fall over.

Some smaller, less-general tips are also handy. Qurupeco’s songs can be interrupted, giving you the benefits. The Gigginox can be poisoned. You can break and carve the Barroth’s head crest with enough impact damage. You can mine on the back of the Jhen, with a possibility of mining either Plagicite Ore or Mohran materials. You can fish out the Gobul fish with frogs.

Lastly, some general survival tips about monsters out in the field will not necessarily allow you to slay to your heart’s content, but could allow you to live just that little bit longer. Don’t stand in front of the Rathalos, it will kill you. Don’t cook a steak in front of the Barioth. Some monsters won’t notice you if you’re crouching. Meat will turn different colours when you cook it, going from Raw to Well Cooked to Burnt. A dung bomb can save a player who is trapped and can also make monsters leave the area.

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Cool tips bro.

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