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In Mario games finding a power up like the Star is awesome, nothing can touch you! Well in general all the power ups in Mario games are great giving you that little or sometimes big edge you need to progress further in the game.

Star Painting Medal

Medals available: 30

Medal duration: This medal will run all week until the next medal becomes available, or when all medals have been issued.

How to get one:
As mentioned earlier we all about the Mario game power ups today. So to get one of these star medals you will have to do the following. You must complete all steps to get this medal.
 • 1. Tell us which Mario power up is your favourite and why.
 • 2. Tell us which game can you obtain this power up (feel free to mention more than one game if you like.
 • 3. Finally because not everyone knows very single Mario game made you will have to educate everyone. Post a picture or video of this power up, feel free to use our gallery or video section to host your content.
Either embed or link to the image or video in your response.

(Use my example in the following post as a guide.)

 • Make sure what you are posting is not a work for work copy of what the someone else has previously posted. Pretty sure some of you will post about the same power up just ensure you write up your own responses.

 • All posts must follow the site rules
 • A admin/mod will issue you your medal if you meet the requirements, please don't jump up and down screaming if you have to wait a bit for medal to be issued.
 • If you have any questions regarding this medal please feel to message me.
My favourite Mario power up is the Tanooki Suit, it combines the ability to fly as well and being able to pussy out and turn into a statue. UNTOUCHABLE! [Rage]
This power up is available in Super Mario Brothers 3 on the NES or All Stars cartridge on the SNES.

Look at this fuzzy little bastard =D
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Mine would be Shell Mario, loved the way that once you got speed up you turned into a shell and was virtually invincible.

Pretty sure it was only in New Super Mario Bros. for DS
i love the Star power in Mario kart because you are invincible.
as i said it from mario kart
this what you look like but in a kart

My favorite Mario power-up would have to be the wing cap in Super Mario 64, as the fun and frustration that I had with it as a kid is one of my fondest gaming memories from my childhood.

I am going to classic here and go with the good old mushroom. It is simple and it works. It can be found in about every Mario game that has ever came out.
Medals granted up to here [monkey]
Feather in Super Mario World SNES.... that thing was the bomb, first time it allowed mario to fly endlessly.. well untill you hit something lol

Poison Mushroom
Super Mario Bros 2/ Lost Levels

My favourite colour is purple so i gotta show the poison mushroom some love plus it gave that little mario a high he couldn't handle :P
As if the Lost Levels wasn't hard enough without screwing you with these littles bastards.
My favorite power up would have to be the boomerang in Super mario 3d land.

I love this power up because it was new and fresh.

If I missed I would get lucky with the boomerang coming from behind and taking out an enemy ^^ .

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I'll go with the golden mushroom in Mario Kart double dash.

It lets you boost an infinite amount of times for a certain duration, 8sec I think.
I like it how you can get it while you're in 3rd place and go straight up to 1st place if you use it well. Especially for the shortcuts in some tracks.
my fav powerup has to be dash pepper from mario galaxy 2

this super spicy veggie lets loose a fire in yoshi's mouth, and a spring in his step
It's been said already, but Shell Mario from New Super Mario Bros.

I love how it destroys lives in multiplayer (evil)
The Metal Cap from Super Mario 64. I just love it and the course you have to do to get it.
I really like the Shell power-up in New Super Mario Bros. DS. Because it is hard to obtain, it is essential to unlock secret exits and areas in particular levels. There is a level in multiplayer that I always play, because it is easy to acquire a Shell. It is awesome in multiplayer, and always does the job!

I like the penguin suit from New Super Mario Bros Wii.

It's much easier to swim in and it's fun sliding around on land, it's also useful with the ice bullets.

Raccoon Mario from Super Mario Bros. 3

This was such a great power up and one of the best things about mario that drew me into every iteration. The way they introduced new suits kept the game fresh.

If Mario runs and fills up the P-Meter, they will be able to fly as long as the player keeps pressing the A Button to shake the tail which will make them fly!

Tanooki is an evolution of the raccoon suit.

Favourite powerup would be Mario with the flying cape in super mario world. Why i like it cause you can fly over to the skies in some levels and collect all the coins. There was one level in Super Mario World where it was especially for the flying cape, use spend ages on it.. but that clock had to tick didnt it [Shifty]

Mine is the Boo Mushroom which is only in Super Mario Galaxy 1 + 2. It's awesomesauce because you can float around and such and also go through certain walls. :)
The metal cap from Super Mario 64 would my favourite power up. I really liked the BGM that went with it, even though it's just an arrangement of the star theme. Sorta liked the metallic texture as well, and I guess walking under water is pretty sweet.

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The Goomba shoe from Super Mario Bros. 3 would have to be my favorite for being the strangest. The shoe allowed you to walk on spikes and jump higher than usual.

Damn! Okay, well I am going to say Metal Cap Mario too. Just walking around and being invincible with that Metal Cap music! Aaaaaahhh...... (love) *_*
Oh yeah I forgot how awesome metal cap Mario was.

Medals granted up to here.
Mini Mario from New Super Mario Bros and NSMB2, cos he's so cute and he can walk on water and jump really high! *_*

I think my favorite Mario Power Up is the Metal Cap. Sup Mario 64 is one of my all time favorite games, and it's the fun levels and power ups that make it so enjoyable. The first time I unlocked the metal cap in Hazy Maze Cave us easily one of my most memorable gaming moments for me.

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